Daniel Horowitz

The word is murder by Anthony Horowitz Daniel Hawthorne series 1
Anthony Horowitz has writers block and a deadline for a new story. That is when Daniel Hawthorne, a retired detective comes to him with a proposition. A woman has been murdered hours after arranging her funeral and Hawthorne wants to write (with Horowitz’s help) the true story of it. Once they’ve proved it was murder and solved the murder of course. Daniel Hawthorne is quite a character as we learn but very wary of revealing too much of himself to Horowitz. Hawthorne solves mysteries/murders in the exact opposite way that Horowitz writes a story so Horowitz is unsure he can work with Hawthorne. Suspects are gradually revealed and red herrings planted in your mind as you solve the mystery alongside Horowitz and Hawthorne. An amusing exploration of a murder with twists and turns right to the end, that makes it book you don’t want to stop reading. I’m looking forward to number 2 in the series.
Rating 9/10

Pam Jenoff

Presently an attorney in private practice, Pam Jenoff served as Vice-Consul for the U.S. State Department in Krakow, Poland, and as the special assistant to the secretary of the army at the Pentagon. She is an expert on Poland and the Holocaust, and has published several scholarly articles and been honoured by a number of organizations for her work in this field.

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The winter guest by Pam Jenoff

18 year old Nowak twins Helena and Ruth raise their 3 younger siblings in Poland under Nazi occupation. Helena and Ruth are very different characters with different beliefs. Helena rescues an American  Jewish paratrooper Sam and develops feelings for him. Sam and Helena believe the family can escape. But who can you trust in such a time.
A great read, I have been going through her books available. Other members in Read 'N' Chat are enjoying the Pam Jenoff books at Taradale Library.

Also by Pam Jenoff  : The Orphans Tale,
The things we c…

Louise Penny Canadian Crime

Chief Inspector Gamache series.  Louise Penny lives in Montreal, Canada and writes excellent mysteries.  Read these books  in order,  as there is a strong, and growing character development arc throughout the books. Ongoing themes and complex plot lines thread throughout this series Her husband Michael was the inspiration for Armand Gamache .

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Glass Houses  by  Louise Penny
Book 21 Readers review “Excellent as usual” 10/10

Michael Palin

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The Truth by Michael Palin
Here is an author well know for his travel and facts, but in this book he establishes himself as a good fiction writer with a very credible storyline. He introduces the main character strongly and immediately you become immersed in the story and want to know what happens to him ; even though his present career looks to be at an end. The subject is topical and after I had read the book I was left thinking about the issues. There were interesting twists and turns in the plot. I found it a very enjoyable read and liked they way Palin lead from one character to another and one event to another, but never lost the plot, but increased the interest. As I read at night I took to reading passages to my husband who is doing a creative writing course. I thought they were particularly vivid and demonstrated excellent creative writing. Guess what? he read the book fervently!

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